St. St. Constantine and Helena Monastery

St. St. Konstantine and Helena Monastery is related to an ancient legend: “ one dark night when stormy winds were twisting tree brunches from the sea came a scream for help. Hidden from the storm, monks didn’t dare to show up. In the morning when the storm was gone, a horrible view was presented – everywhere there were the scattered remains of a big ship. Suddenly, one of the bodies in the water started moving. The monks pulled him out and noticed a package beside him. In a few days the drowning man came to himself and told his miraculous story. In the package there was a big icon of the Christian Saints Konstantine and Helena and the monk was sent to the Great Kiev monastery to bring in Constantinople the miraculous icon. To express his gratitude for his wonder savior, the delegate gave the miraculous icon as a present to the monks and asked them to build a monastery on this place…”

And to this day exactly behind the Saint altar in the temple a spring of curing water is erupting. And in the monastery is kept a part of the relics of Saint ecclesiastic Valentine, more popular among Catholics as the patron of people in love.

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